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Union Catalogue of Oriental Manuscripts

The project: KOHD Coptica

This is the database "KOHD Coptica" of the project Union Catalogue of Oriental Manuscripts in Germany (Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities) for Coptic manuscripts (papyri, parchment and paper manuscripts, ostraca). In January 2016, the Berlin workgroup “Coptic manuscripts” started cataloguing the Coptic literary manuscripts in the Papyrus Collection of the Egyptian Museum of Berlin. Descriptions of the manuscripts are recorded in a database which is based on the model of the Papyrus-Portal. This database was developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Reinhold Scholl, the initiator of the Papyrus-Portal, and staff members of the Leipzig University Computer Centre who are responsible for the technical support of the project.

The „KOHD Coptica“ database is a tool offering a full range of search options for the catalogued Coptic manuscripts of the Berlin Papyrus Collection, as well as a unified presentation of search results including the metadata of the objects. The “KOHD Coptica” database is compatible with papyrological databases and other databases of Coptic manuscripts (Coptic Virtual Manuscript Room, PAThs Project)

The database is still under construction; at present neither cataloguing nor digitizing has been finished. Therefore some entries may still be incomplete. Currently, the digitization process has not been completed, due, among other reasons, to the bad state of conservation of some of the manuscripts, necessitating their restoration before any further work on them can be undertaken.

The manuscripts in Old Turkish, Arabic, Dravidian, Khmer, Persian, Sanskrit and Tibetan preserved in German collections are catalogued in the database "KOHD Digital".

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